We are excited to announce that NOverdose functionality testing will imminently begin as a beta study at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS) in Albany NY! The purpose of this initial study will be to confirm basic functionality of the application and fix any unanticipated software glitches before proceeding forward. The month-long study will be compromised of 30 student recruits that will help us to closely examine various parts of the app.  This initial trial will soon follow with a larger version at the Western New England University College of Pharmacy in Springfield MA.

Four pharmacists will be working in tandem for the initial trial in Albany. Students will join forces with study investigators and Remitigate executives, all of whom have expertise in pain therapeutics and opioid reversal.

NOverdose is a smartphone app that is intended to connect opioid overdose victims with friends, family, Good Samaritans, and 911 Emergency Services that are equipped with the life-saving drug naloxone (aka Narcan). For more information please see noverdoseapp.com.

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