Alert your family, friends, and nearby naloxone carriers

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Life Saving Emergency Alert App

NOverdose is an emergency alert app specifically designed for patients who are taking opioid medications (and their loved ones too!) – doesn’t matter if it’s prescription or illicit! We notify who you choose with your GPS coordinates so they can get to you fast.

Don’t take opioids? You can still use the app to be notified when a loved one needs help. Just download the app and tap on the link your loved one sends you.

Or if you carry naloxone in just three steps you can sign up as a carrier and get alerts when people nearby need help! Just turn on “carrying naloxone”, select your naloxone product, and turn on “notify me of nearby overdoses“, it’s that simple!


Fully customizable so you can alert only those whom you want to alert. Don’t want the app to notify 911 for you? Turn it off! Don’t want to notify nearby carriers? Turn it off!


Simple, intuitive, no-fuss interface to get what you need – fast


We don’t collect any personally identifying information. Period! No phone numbers, no names, no nothing! So you can get help with confidence

Life Saving

Immediately notifying your loved ones and nearby naloxone carriers with your GPS coordinates means they’ll get yo you faster! Here’s where seconds count


Naloxone Instructions

View instructions for your product – or any product – directly in the app

Alert Button

Let your your family, nearby naloxone carriers, and/or 911 know you need help


When you’ve called for help, a private, anonymous chatroom between you, your emergency contacts, and your responding nearby naloxone carriers opens

Volunteer Naloxone Carriers

If you carry naloxone, you can turn on notifications for nearby alerts to help out someone in need!

Completely Anonymous

We do not collect any personally identifying information – none!

Dose Monitor

Take your dose and set a timer to ensure you’re ok – Make sure you turn it off before the timer hits 0:00 if not, help will be called

Emergency Contacts

Add friends and family to the app that will be notified when you need help

Robust Settings

Tons of settings to customize the app to your needs. Turn off what you don’t want, turn on what you do


Questions? We have Answers

No. We don't collect any personally identifying information. Your name and phone number stay private and we never collect any of it. For more information check out our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Yes, you can adjust this in the Settings menu. You can turn on and off notifications for emergency contacts, 911, and nearby naloxone carriers. You can even have different selections for dose monitor and alert.

NOverdose is completely free and will be available soon for download for iOS and Android phones.

Just three easy steps:

  1. Turn on "Carrying naloxone"
  2. Choose your naloxone product you are carrying
  3. Turn on "notify me of nearby overdoses"

That's it!

It's simple! Have your loved one add you in the app's "Edit emergency contacts" screen. On successful addition, you will receive a text message with a unique link from your loved one. You must download the application and tap on this link. That's it!


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